About Trans-Meridien

Trans-Meridien Agency International Limited is an independent integrated logistics support company that provides domestic and international air, land and maritime logistics services including freight forwarding, private jet and helicopter charter, charter trucking, door-to-door cargo services, shipping, customs brokerage, medical evacuations abroad and a broad range of associated undertakings.

Our exclusive array of asset-based and non-asset based solutions provides you with rich options which can be integrated and adapted to best suit your specific needs. Tapping extensively into deep, longstanding industry-wide relationships, and armed with decades of rich industry experience combined with a strategic, data-driven approach to executing briefs, Trans-Meridien is committed to perfecting the art of customer satisfaction in the logistics ecosystem.

We are headquartered in one of Africa’s key commercial nerve-centres, Lagos, which offers us a prime base to deliver comprehensive logistics and transport services to the rest of Africa and the world at large. Our briefs are executed safely, efficiently, and professionally.